[Coral-List] symposium - bioluminescence and cnidarian fluorescent proteins

Anya Salih anya at emu.usyd.edu.au
Tue Aug 10 04:08:22 EDT 2004

Dear list members,
Those of you interested in the biology of bioluminescence, molecular, 
biological and ecological studies of cnidarian fluorescent proteins 
and of their applications in cell biology and biotechnology may find 
this symposium of interest -

Calcium-Regulated Photoproteins
  Green-Fluorescent Proteins

August 29 - September 3, 2004

A Centennial Celebration Symposium

At the University of Washington's Friday Harbor Laboratories, Friday Harbor, WA

Honoring: Dr. Osamu Shimomura

Organized by: Dr. William W. Ward

Registration Announcement and a Call for Poster Abstracts

Bioluminesence research is an esoteric subject. Yet from such basic 
questions as "How do they do that?" have come astonishing 
applications. Jellyfish, studied just because they glow, have given 
us green-fluorescent protein and the calcium regulated photoprotein 
aequorin. Pioneering studies on GFP and aequorin at the Friday Harbor 
Labs by Frank Johnson and Osamu Shimomura have transformed our tools 
for biological research. The symposium celebrates the institution, 
the people, and their legacies with Dr. Shimomura as the keynote 

The venue for the symposium is a fabulous location. The San Juan 
Islands have some of the finest scenery and with afternoons free each 
day, there will be many opportunities to visit the islands, hike, 
shop, fish, whale watch, etc. and inter-island ferry rides are free 
for pedestrians and bikers.

For more information and to register or sponsor:

Confirmed Speakers:
Osamu Shimomura, Jim Morin, Tony Campbell, John Lee, Jim Remington, 
John Blinks, William Ward, Neal Stewart, Roger Tsien, Steven Haddock, 
James Slock, Martin Chalfie, David Piston, Mikhail Matz, Claudia 
Mills, Fred Tsuji, Rebekka Wachter, Sylvia Daunert, James Liu, Tullio 
Pozzan, Chris Ashley, Eugene Vysotski, Ole Thastrup, Anya Salih, Bob 

Early Registration Extended to August 11th !

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