[Coral-List] A. cervicornis spawning

Bernardo Vargas-Angel vargasb at nova.edu
Wed Aug 18 11:08:47 EDT 2004

We observed Acropora cervicornis spawning off Ft. Lauderdale on nights 3 and
5 after the full moon of July 31. On Tuesday August 3rd, and estimated
10-20% of the colonies present at the study thicket spawned (Oakland I;
Vargas-Angel et al. 2003; Coral Reefs), and within those colonies, nearly
15-20% of the branches released gametes. Bundle setting was observed around
10:00 PM (already setting) and bundle release occurred at the usual time;
11:00-11:30 PM. On Thursday August 5th, a greater proportion of colonies
spawned (ca. 50%), and ca 50-60% % of colony branches released gametes that
night. Bundle setting was also observed around 10:00-1015PM, but bundle
release began a little earlier that usual (ca. 10:50 PM) and was over by

We collected a moderate amount of spawn from 3 different colonies at that
site, made crosses, but no embryos or larvae were observed to develop (as
opposed to prior years when we obtained ~64-128 cell-stage embryos). 

[I want to thank my graduate students E. Hodel and M. Hoke for their hard
work, as well as A.Smith and M.Rhodes and all the NSU-NCRI personnel for
their collaboration].

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