[Coral-List] The last Acropora?

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Fri Dec 3 19:03:32 EST 2004

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gregorh at reefcheck.org writes:

> I would like to ask whether we need to wait until the last Acropora is left
> until it is time to declare them endangered? The ESA is an imperfect yet
> powerful tool that forces everyone, including scientists, to take special
> care in all dealings with listed species. ESA has been used to help prevent
> development, pollution and other impacts from affecting listed species.

With the way this has impacted bird collecting, how would the ESA affect 
coral aquarium holdings, especially the corals already in captive systems in 
hbbyists' aquaria???

I ersonally already send out more specimens than I take in, would this type 
of collecting/propagation/swaping fall under the ageis of such a listing for 
Acropora spp.?

Waiting curiously,


Tom Wyatt
tdwyatt at aol.com

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