[Coral-List] Can You Quantify Anchor or Bottom Paint Damage to Coral Reefs?

Adam Saphier asaphier at coral.org
Tue Jun 15 10:45:15 EDT 2004

My name is Adam Saphier and I am working for the Coral Reef Alliance on a
project that is trying to get dive operators to act more environmentally
friendly to coral reefs. To make our argument more persuasive, I am looking
for quantitative data that describes the damage caused by dive boats from
these sources:
1) Anchor Damage - I am looking for documentation of how much reef is
damaged from an anchor and chain being dropped on top of it; e.g. data that
might read like: the distribution of coral reef destruction caused when a 10
pound galvanized steel anchor with 15 feet of chain is dropped on reef is
bell shaped with a mean of 2 square meters of reef, with 2 standard
deviations in each direction amounting to 1 square meter and 3 square meters
of damage, respectively.
2) Bottom Paint Damage - How much damage does toxic anti-fouling bottom
paint do to reef? How much damage does biodegradable anti-fouling paint do
to reef? E.g. data that might read like: standard toxic anti-fouling bottom
paint erodes from the bottom of a boat into ocean water in 1 year and each
gallon settles on and destroys an aggregate amount of 1 cubic centimeter of
reef, while a similar amount of biodegradable paint only destroys 1 cubic
milimeter of reef.

Please let me know if you have any pertinent information or if you have
suggestions of where I might be able to find such data. Thank you for your
help and feel free to call me at the number below.


Adam Saphier
The Coral Reef Alliance
417 Montgomery Street, Suite 205
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone 415.834.0900 x 319
Fax 415.834.0999
asaphier at coral.org

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