[Coral-List] Biology of Sea Turtle Course

Dennis Hanisak Hanisak at HBOI.edu
Wed Mar 10 06:58:28 EST 2004

Biology of Sea Turtle Course

Dr. Jeanette Wyneken will once again be teaching her Biology of Sea Turtles
course at Harbor Branch (May 10-20) this summer. This intensive, two-week
course, accredited by Florida Institute of Technology, is designed for
advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

BIO 5813 Biology of Sea Turtles (3 credits)  
Lecture, lab, and field course that introduces the behavioral, ecological,
and evolutionary adaptations of sea turtles.  Major topics include species
identification, functional anatomy, eggs, nests and hatchlings, orientation
and navigation, threats to survival and conservation strategies. (Dr.
Jeanette Wyneken, May 10-21)
For complete information and application, go to:
Please direct inquiries and questions to education at hboi.edu.

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