[Coral-List] Deep Water Fish ID

Jon Shenker shenker at fit.edu
Thu Nov 11 07:48:21 EST 2004

Looks like a Short Bigeye, Pristigenys alta, to me.  We occasionally get
them in trawls along the FL coast at depths of 10-40 m.  Here's a link to
the FishBase listing.




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I am part of an Online Forum community for the Saltwater Reef Aquarium 

Hobby.  Recently we had a member post some pictures of some fish that he 

caught off the Florida coast after Huricane Francis.  They were looking for 

an Identification of these fish.  If anyone would like to take a shot at 

this the link to the post is:




Also, as a community, we understand the need for conservation and the 

problems caused by over harvesting and other practices in the aquarium 

industry.  If anyone would like to help out on the forum let me know.  We 

have forums for "Ethics/Conservation/Education" and also "Aquaculture and 

Propagation"  This would be a good way to help educate people in the 

saltwater reef aquarium hobby.





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