[Coral-List] Paper on shallow/deep water corals

Sara Maxwell Sara at mcbi.org
Wed Sep 1 14:04:44 EDT 2004

I received this message on another listserve and it has yielded no
responses.  Does this ring any bells for anyone on the Coral List?


I saw a science paper a few months ago, I think authored by a woman, and
I can't seem to find it again.  Perhaps one of you can help.


She studied shallow and deep water corals and concluded that some corals
that are found in shallow water and deep water have the ability to
derive their nutrition from both suspension feeding and photosynthesis
(one function staying dormant depending upon their location).  The
implication was that some shallow water corals possibly travel in
currents to deeper water and can survive, and vice versa.


Ring any bells?  I've been wracking my brain for three weeks now trying
to remember where I saw it.


Sara Maxwell

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