[Coral-List] RE: damselfish tagging (Mati)

Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert fabrice at reefkeepers.net
Fri Sep 3 13:21:41 EDT 2004

Dear All,

I have a detailled 5 min video in the field about fish tagging using such
fluorescent elastomer if you want... May be I could put it on the web if not
tooo big...


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> Dear Mati,
> Northwest Marine Technologies use a fluorescent elastomer (a couple of
> colours: orange, yellow, red, etc) that is injectable under the scales of
> fish. Very easy to use and low mortality rate.
> Frederick J. L. (1997) Evaluation of fluorescent elastomer injection as a
> method for marking small fish. Bull. Mar. Sci. 61: 399-408
> Frederick J. L. (1997) Post-settlement movement of coral reef fishes and
> bias in survival estimates. Bull. Mar. Sci. 150: 65-74
> I used it on Stegastes diencaeus (small pomacentrid with very dark pigment
> in the adults colour phase) and so needed to inject it just under the
> scales. In lighter pigmented damselfish, however, I have heard that the
> subdermal injection is quite visible. To boot, it is very affordable. A
> trial pack was enough elastomer to tag over 150 fish, and we had a lot
> over.
> Happy tagging!
> Peter McDougall
> MSc McGill University
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