[Coral-List] Coral Mucus

Lester Lambert tozbed at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 10 20:01:15 EDT 2004

I am conducting an experiment with soft corals in an aquarium in my school, I created the experiment and researched it by the way.    I want to analyze the mucus of my coral when it is not under sedimentary stress and when it is.    My school doesn't have top notch equipment so I have to use a light microscope under 400X.    What should I be looking for in the mucus as in key differences.    I believe that the mucus will become less dense in structure and will be unable to cling on to foreign particles.    My teacher says I should compare coral mucus to human mucus and its composition change as a sickness persists.    So I thought, when a disease first apperas the mucus is really thick but when the germs are almost gone and the body is returning to normal, the mucus is really watery and lucid.    Hmm, thus I hypothesized that coral mucus, will become watery when the aquarium is poured over with sediments since the coral will not have the cells or resistant capabilities to create
 thick mucus.    Corecct me if this idea is wrong...oh yeah if you know about the INTEL SCIENCE TALENT SEARCH, keep a look out for me LESTER  LAMBERT !

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