[Coral-List] Employment opportunities in marine biology for recent graduates

Davis.William at epamail.epa.gov Davis.William at epamail.epa.gov
Tue Apr 19 17:07:27 EDT 2005

The Gulf Ecology Division, (GED), of  Environmental Protection Agency,
Gulf Breeze, FL is announcing  student service contract positions for
current or recently graduated students with a B.S. degree in a variety
of subject areas  The contracted services are for work to be performed
beginning about May, 2005 continuing through about April, 2006; an
additional year is possible if funds are available.

Students and recent graduates wishing to learn more about these
opportunities should go to http://www.epa.gov/oam/rtp_cmd/, page down to
"Issued Requests for Quotations," look for the RFQ numbers below, click
on them, and carefully review the material.

RFQ-RT-05-00216 – Culture and Maintenance of Corals
RFQ-RT-05-00217 – Data Management
RFQ-RT-05-00219 – Aquatic Exposures
RFQ-RT-05-00220 - PCR for Detecting and Quantifying Nucleic Acids

All positions have not yet been listed. Thus interested candidates are
advised revisit this site, at least weekly and check RFQ's  posted by
the Gulf Ecology Division.  Students and recent graduates should contact
Ray Wilhour at wilhour.ray at epa.gov if they have further questions or
difficulty in applying.

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