[Coral-List] Re: Job Seekers: some hue and cry...

mariannegilbert at ekit.com mariannegilbert at ekit.com
Thu Dec 8 16:58:29 EST 2005

Hi Jim,
Although I understand your point, I feel that it would be 
unfortunate to cut job seekers out of the coral list networking 
opportunities for job searching. What you may not know is that it 
does work for at least some people. I have personally posted on the 
coral-list a couple of times in the past (sorry if I started a 
trend...) with good responses (a job and additional offers. I also 
got a job from a posting on another list). Even people who did not 
have jobs to offer replied to me to tell me of opportunities they 
knew about and that I might be interested in or they gave me leads 
on where to look (big thanks to these people!). I don't think it is 
an inconvenience for people to receive job seekers messages since 
they can choose to not read them when the title of the message 
clearly identifies what the posting is about. I often read them 
myself to see what skills other people have that may be useful to 
get and if I had l
 eads, I would send them. How else can we get in 
touch with the international coral reef community to learn about 
jobs/research opportunities that are often never posted? 
This has value for potential employers as well. They can save a lot 
of time searching for a suitable person if they happen to need 
somebody with the qualifications of the job seeker. I have had 
replies from people saying "You sound great! I wish I had money to 
hire you!". The coral list is a wonderful tool that can save a lot 
of time. I would be interested to hear how other people feel about 
getting postings from job seekers. If it turns out that people don't 
think this is the place for it, what would be the right place 

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