[Coral-List] Tsunami Damage to Coral Reefs. Guidelines for Rapid Assessment and Monitoring

David Obura dobura at africaonline.co.ke
Sat Feb 5 16:19:57 EST 2005

Dear all,

An initial draft of a tsunami damage assessment protocol has been finalized
by a number of contributors, particularly from the following organizations
and programmes: Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN), Coral Reef
Degradation in the Indian Ocean (CORDIO), World Conservation Union (IUCN),
ReefBase, Reef Check, The WorldFish Centre, International Coral Reef Acion
Network (ICRAN), Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS.   The
provisional citation is:

ICRI/ISRS 2005. Tsunami Damage to Coral Reefs. Guidelines for Rapid
Assessment and Monitoring. January 2005. Seychelles. 30 pages.

It is provisionally being released as a joint output of ICRI and ISRS, and
is available on the following websites, and I and many others from the above
institutions will be able to email copies for those who can¹t access the web
­ just write and ask.

ICRI:  http://www.icriforum.org/
ReefBase:  http://www.ReefBase.org/

We have attempted to cover many of the types of damage noted in initial
surveys, especially from Thailand, Sri Lanka and India, and also tried to
address the passage from rapid assessment to long term monitoring.
Customized datasheets and guidelines for Reef Check and LIT-oriented
programmes are included.

Survey groups are encouraged to try the methodology, and adapt it to their
survey programmes, while keeping the essential variables and sampling units
consistent to allow for comparability among studies and sites.

This is very much a method under development ­ improvements, problems and
other issues will be welcomed, and can be submitted to any of the key
coordinators/organizations listed in the document, or to me.  The general
plan is to incorporate improvements and revisions for a final version to be
completed and table at the ICRI CPC meeting to be held from April 25-28 2005
in the Seychelles.

We hope it is useful,


David Obura

CORDIO East Africa
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P.O.BOX 10135 Mombasa, Kenya
Tel/fax: +254-41-548 6473; Mobile: 0733-851656
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