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Fri Feb 4 12:22:00 EST 2005

Funded Graduate Positions

Recently, conservation biologists have been investigating the usefulness 
of a relatively new tool, fluctuating asymmetry (FA), for assessing the 
impact of environmental and genetic stresses on populations.  One of the 
main advantages of FA is its increased sensitivity relative to other 
bioindicators.  If effective, this tool could allow biologists to monitor 
populations and make recommendations before a severe problem arises, often 
without the high cost of other solutions. 
I have a number of funded FA projects available for graduate students 
interested in obtaining their MS degree at American University. Study 
subjects include marine mammal and endangered species. The projects 
combine FA data with other measures of population health to determine, on 
a species-by-species basis, whether FA can be used to identify stressed 
populations before detrimental population decline occurs.

Funded positions include tuition, stipend and, if desired, hourly wages 
for work as a TA. Basics research support is also provided.  If interested 
please contact Cathy Schaeff, schaeff at american.edu. Additional information 
about the MS program (
http://www.american.edu/cas/bio/programs_media/ms.html) and the department 
(http://www.american.edu/cas/bio/deptprofile.html) is available online.

Cathy Schaeff
Department Chair
American University
Washington, DC  20016

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