[Coral-List] Re: setting up structures of support

Dida didak at jps.net
Mon Jan 3 13:42:22 EST 2005

Hi- As a former research diver who's been to some of  the areas hit, I've been giving a lot of thought to concern re: destroyed research infrastructure and would be more than happy to donate my time to set up a simple site. I can also set up the Paypal donate buttons for each entity in need. I'll have to work with another person-Jim Hendee for a start i think-- to help identify needy organizations, and work out other possible logistics. 

I just set up this blog: www.BluePlanetDivers.org, and something similar would work well, I think.  I'm surprised ReefBase hasn't set up anything yet- I just checked.

Anyone out there care to work with me?

Dida Kutz
1-831-582-9456 (Monterey, CA)

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