[Coral-List] Research Associate post in Coral Reef Restoration

Alasdair Edwards A.J.Edwards at newcastle.ac.uk
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Research Associate (RA1A) post in Coral Reef Restoration. Starting salary £19,460


This three year post will largely involve working at the Bolinao Marine Laboratory (BML) of the Marine Science Institute of the University of the Philippines as part of an EC funded FP6 research project entitled Developing ubiquitous restoration practices for Indo-Pacific reefs.  However, the post will be based in the School of Biology, University of Newcastle, United Kingdom.


The successful candidate will be responsible for carrying out field research to investigate the growth and survivorship of coral "nubbins" and branches of about 10 selected species after transplantation to the reef. There will be scope for interactions with other consortium partners who are working in Eilat, Phuket and Singapore and with GEF/World Bank funded reef restoration research also being carried out at Bolinao. The latter will be investigating inter alia the culture of nubbins before transplantation. 


The successful candidate will be a qualified SCUBA diver with extensive experience of working underwater on coral reefs and a Masters or PhD in marine biology or related discipline. Good database and statistical skills will be a major asset. 


Accommodation and a contribution towards subsistence expenses are provided whilst working in the Philippines. BML is a well-established laboratory about 6 hours north of Manila and has internet access. 


Fieldwork needs to commence not later than September 2005. For further information and for details of how to apply, please consult the Information for Candidates at: 

http://www.ncl.ac.uk/tcmweb/ctcms/reef_restoration_information_for_candidates.pdf <http://www.ncl.ac.uk/tcmweb/%20ctcms/reef_restoration_information_for_candidates.pdf> . 


Closing date: 7 August 2005


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