[Coral-List] Monitoring of Reef Balls in Indonesia

Todd Barber reefball at reefball.com
Mon Nov 14 16:00:45 EST 2005

Jerry Kojansow just sent us the 2005 monitoring photos from Indonesia. 
These Reef Balls are up to 5 years old (some are younger).

One of the photos now holds the distinction of being the first photographed 
Reef Ball in a tropical coral reef environment that has made the full 
transition to a natural reef. (That is, it would be new impossible to tell 
fthat this was a Reef Ball unless someone told you).  I had a hard time 
choosing just one photo to attach to this email for an example as there are 
so many good ones.  However, attached is a photo that suggests Reef Balls 
could be used to restore reefs that have been damaged by dynamite fishing. 
Note that dynamite blasts last decades because the debris is unstable and 
new coral reefs cannot form on the unstable fragments.  Note the field 
around the Reef Balls to see this effect.

Anyway, to see these excellent monitoring photos go here.


Todd Barber
Reef Ball Foundation 

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