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I am shocked.
To me, as a STUDENT, Sharky-Jones is just a fun, marine creature that could be built upon in our effort to better educate the public, like the kind of character Nemo was.  I have nothing to advertise.  I am in no way affiliated with this website.  I just happened to know about it from a friend had created in his single-person attempt at something fun and, eventually, more educational.  It's obviously only at the ground level currently, but it's just a thought and an idea to get the ball rolling.  I see that 2 cents isn't worth much these days.  Thank you for your opinion, regardless.
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If I thought that sharky-jones was anything but a blatant attempt to use
coral list as free advertising I wouldn't mind.  But, as I can see no
educational value on it at all, I think Amanda should be loudly BOOED
and any other of her offerings to the list should be carefully screened

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   1. Re: Education is the key! (willi3ac at aol.com)
   2. planula, and polyp images (David McGuire)
   3. Job at Univ. Virgin Islands (Sandra L. Romano)


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Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2006 11:27:40 -0400
From: willi3ac at aol.com
Subject: Re: [Coral-List] Education is the key!
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Hi Coral Listers,
I am WAY behind on my readings for the Coral List, as you can see by
which thread I am replying to.  As I have been a student at Nova
Southeastern University, one of my classmates in my Biology of Sharks
and Rays course came up with a great "spokesmodel" for sharks, tailored
to the likes of kids.  His name is Sharky Jones:
If someone could help Ian Jones' idea get out and take off with his
Sharky Jones character, that would be fabulous since sharks can travel
far distances; thus educating us on a wide-array of things the shark
sees... just a thought.
UNCW Graduate Student
p.s. Thank you very much to all those who replied to my Philippines
thread, I'm working on getting my replies together... I promise!  I
forgot how time-consuming being a student again is!
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Subject: [Coral-List] Education is the key!

Dear Members of this in the last weeks very interesting List,

Educate the kids! (And as by-product their parents) This is the most
and probably only solution available to change the mind frame. 

Important is that we "feed" the kids again and again (it's like

We should get the schools, the teachers and most importantly the kids

For a start; 

Let's put together a workshop (there might be already enough suitable 
educational material out there) and visit the schools.  I am sure there
is one 
around your corner!  

One could set up a website adjusted to the needs of the kids and the
and accompany the kids throughout the school year or school career. Kids
competitions;    set out some prizes and let them compete for it in a
(within and between schools) 

Important is, that they have a contact / a face they can communicate
with and 
(as a highlight) talk to them personally from time to time. 

We could search for a mascot (Nemo is probably already protected by some

copyright law". Run a campaign where the kids (schools) have the option
choose between different mascots, come up with a name, let them paint .
you get 
the point!   

This kind of effort would need some coordination and will therefore
raise a 
range of issues. - What kind of administrative framework is required?
Who e.g. 
would host the website? Is it necessary to set up a new (independent!)
What is about the Kids that are not blessed with high speed internet
Sponsoring? etc.

I am sure you have some input and answers.


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Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 11:47:08 -0700
From: David McGuire <david at trilliumfilms.net>
Subject: [Coral-List] planula, and polyp images
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Dear List

We are assembling our coral reef- reef shark conservation documentary  
and Im looking for microsope detail images of coral polyps and if  
possible, tissue close ups showing zoanthe llae, as well as free  
swimming planula
Does anyone have access to short ( 10 seconds) quality clips or images?

Thank you

David McGuire
Producer, Trillium Films


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Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2006 22:34:54 -0400
From: "Sandra L. Romano" <sromano at uvi.edu>
Subject: [Coral-List] Job at Univ. Virgin Islands
To: <coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov>
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We call your attention to a job announcement appearing in the Chronicle
Higher Education this week. A position for an Assistant or Associate
Professor of Biology is available starting in August at the University
the Virgin  Islands. Candidates with an interest in marine studies are
especially encouraged to apply. While preference will be given to
with experience teaching cell or molecular biology and/or biochemistry,
are also interested in candidates with experience teaching microbiology
well as human anatomy and physiology. UVI is part of the NSF-funded
VI-EPSCoR program (http://epscor.uvi.edu) which has a research focus of
Biocomplexity in Caribbean Coral Reefs including studies of the ecology,
biodiversity, and oceanography of coral reefs and adjacent coastal
VI-EPSCoR has funding available to support research in these areas.
> Faculty Vacancy for Fall 2006
> Science and Mathematics Division
> St. Thomas Campus
> The University of the Virgin Islands is a Historically  Black publicly
> supported land-grant institution. UVI is seeking faculty who will
ensure that
> students meet high academic standards in a nurturing and
> environment in keeping with our HBCU status and with interests,
experience and
> expertise in curriculum innovation, interdisciplinary studies and
> education, as well as teaching and scholarly excellence in their
> In addition, academic programs support our land grant  designation by
> integrating instruction with research and community service.
Appointees must
> be able to work productively with students and colleagues  of diverse
> and cultural backgrounds.
> The Science and Mathematics Division is seeking candidates who will
teach  a
> minimum of 24 credit hours per academic year at the undergraduate
level  in
> the following position:
> Assistant or Associate Professor of Biology: Applicants should possess
a Ph.D.
> in biology and experience in teaching undergraduate biology courses.
> Preference will be given to candidates with experience teaching cell
> molecular biology and/or bio-chemistry. Candidates should have a
> commitment to undergraduate research, project based learning, and
> science education.
> Employment will begin on August 15, 2006.
> Rank and compensation will be based on academic preparation, teaching
> practical experience. Benefits include a generous TIAA/CREFF or Virgin
> Government Retirement Plan, as well as a comprehensive group medical
> dental insurance plan.
> If applicable, economy airfare to St. Thomas for the appointee and
> family, and shipping allowance of up to $1,250 will be paid by the
> upon presentation of receipts.
> Send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, transcripts from
> institutions, and names and address with telephone numbers and email
> of three references to: Dr. Hassan I. Musah, Provost, University of
the Virgin
> Islands, RR1 Box 10000, Kingshill, St. Croix, V.I. 00850-9781 or email
> provost at uvi.edu with a copy to aparr at uvi.edu. Applications will be
> until April 28, 2006 or until the position is filled.

Sandra L. Romano, PhD
Assistant Professor of Marine Biology
Division of Science and Mathematics
University of the Virgin Islands
2 John Brewers Bay
St. Thomas  00802 USVI
Email: sromano at uvi.edu
Voice: (340) 693-1389
Fax:   (340) 693-1385


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