[Coral-List] Proceedings of the 10th ICRS

Eric Borneman eborneman at uh.edu
Mon Feb 20 10:00:11 EST 2006

Hello Hiroya:

Thank you for the update on the Proceedings and I am greatly looking  
forward to seeing them and appreciate the work that has certainly  
been required to produce them.

I am curious, though, about the printing. If the CD-ROM is already  
formatted, as it should  be given the nature of the formatting  
required for submitted material, then any of thousands of print-on- 
demand printers should be able to produce bound volumes by a print-on- 
demand cost that can be from 1 to many thousands of copies.

For example, one print-on-demand company found with a quick google  
search will print hardback copies (6x9) with full color covers, dust  
jackets, up to 500 pages and provide 10 free copies of the book for US 
$1000 and this includes free CD e-books and 30% royalties for each  
copy sold if they are the distributor and 50% of CD-ROM sales. I  
consider this to be quite expensive. I think others on this list I  
know who have written full color books over 500 pages would agree  
that we would not be writing (or selling) much if printing costs and  
selling prices were this high.

While I don't have the details of the manuscript, the minimum order  
and costs seem very out of line with what I know about book  
publishing (which isn't much), having written two books. I think the  
cost of book series, such as Corals of the World, which are similarly  
large, colorful (which previous Proceedings have never been) and well  
made indicates what is possible. The costs of scientific publication  
have always been a mystery to me, to say the least, and in terms of  
most journals, an outrageous racket.

If, however, there are very few orders for text-based copies I can  
see that the cost would be high, but I see no reason for it to be  
impossible for even one copy to be produced given the nature of POD  
technology today. I hope others on the list who have published books  
could comment further.


Eric Borneman
Dept. of Biology and Biochemistry
University of Houston
Science and Research Bldg. II
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Houston, TX 77204

On Feb 19, 2006, at 11:10 PM, hyamano at nies.go.jp wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> Our apologies for delayed production of the Proceedings of the 10th  
> Okinawa. Here are the latest news on the publication.
> We are finishing the final check of the Proceedings, and the CD- 
> ROMs will
> be produced by the end of this month (28 Feb). Then, we will send  
> it to
> all the participants.
> For the printed matter, we determined the price to be about US$ 600.
> However, we need to have more than 100 orders as numbers of the  
> print. If
> the order for the printed matter is less 100, we will have to stop
> printing the Proceedings.
> More news will be sent as soon as I hear.
> Best wishes,
> Hiroya Yamano
> Chief for Public Relations, 10ICRS
> Co-editor for 10ICRS Proceedings
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> Hiroya Yamano
> UR 128 CoReUs, Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement
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> Also at NIES
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