[Coral-List] The Great Guana Cay Debate

Greg Challenger gchallenger at msn.com
Fri Mar 17 14:39:52 EST 2006

Forgive me if this topic has been covered.  Focusing only on environmental issues....What type of development is acceptable?  Any?  ..and where?   

It would be interesting to hear opinions about how this development should be modified to better protect the environment.   I believe if you stop them, you have only won a NIMBY battle and not the war.  They seem to have a pile of money.  If the hassle factor affects their cost/benefit, they will move their carnival to the next town.  Considering that populations continue to grow and people (including ourselves) are always looking for lovely places to visit...amenities will be constructed to support our demand.  There seems to be a lot of anger directed at "rich developers", but aren't they just responding to demand from us?  How many of you have neighbors that travel to destination resorts to play golf and fish?  Is it more productive to focus on limiting development footprints and addressing how and where amenities are constructed rather than stopping them altogether?  Perhaps both are important.  I think pressure from citizens to abandon these projects is not always practical, but it may result in pressure for better development practices and reduced footprints.

2 cents 

Greg Challenger

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  Hey, Team, this Guana Cay debate has been a great focus from the more 
  general problem discussions over the past two weeks and has been 
  constructive.  However, I just want to ask that in the heat of 
  discussion that we are all careful about any personal attacks, 
  defamatory or slanderous comments, or emotionally laden language that 
  serves no other purpose than to enrage the recipient (or person referred 
  to).  "Just the facts, Ma'am," as Sargent Joe Friday used to say on 
  Dragnet [okay, so I'm aging myself...].  Please?  I'm not saying anybody 
  in particular has gotten too far out of control, but I do see the steam 
  rising in the cauldron.



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