[Coral-List] Good manager sought for good reefs

GertJan Gast gj at fishion.org
Tue May 9 11:24:12 EDT 2006

Dear all,


A unique position of MPA manager is open in Sudan, where the coral reefs are
still in relatively pristine condition (or at least very decent with cover
up to 80%) and where most common troubles have not arisen yet. But they
will, of course, in the next 10 to 20 years. To prevent the rapid reef
decline as most of us have recorded so often in some places, African Parks
has taken up the management of 2 marine parks about half a year ago.
Currently, the basic structure of the organisation is being set up such as
office, cars, patrol boats, placing of mooring buoys, etc. Now it is time
for an experienced manager to build an effective organisation. This is not a
position in an easy country, but much is possible. It is a challenge and of
the utmost importance. African Parks is working in good cooperation with the
Sudanese government, both in Port Sudan and Khartoum.


For more information please visit www.africanparks-conservation.com
<http://www.africanparks-conservation.com/>  You'll find the job ad at the
upper right. More information on African Parks and it's philosophy is also


Please send emails to Francien Keyzer at the address cc to this message.


Feel free to spread this message widely.


Best wishes, GJ



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