[Coral-List] Regarding Mike Risk's comment

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Fri May 19 07:10:09 EDT 2006

First, see Mike Risk's response, below.

Secondly, Mike has been a friend and colleague for several years, so
this is a real disappointment and has really bothered me beyond the
8-hour work day; and yes, I know he's just the kind of sane voice we
often need.  That's why I had invited him in the past as a speaker to a
conference I held.  Yes, I know we're "all adults here."  We're also
supposed to all be professionals here, and why do I have to remind some
people that this is a U.S. Government sponsored list where such things
just absolutely can not be tolerated (no "inflammatory commentary" or
"any activity that would bring discredit on the Department of
Commerce").  Should it be okay to say to a fellow professional that he's
full of [....]?  Aside from the language, one of the rules is no flaming
of colleagues allowed ("engaging in prohibited discriminatory
conduct").  If I allow this comment, why not allow every other
emotionally charged and slang word in the lexicon, and allow us all to
rip each other in a public forum?  Well, if I did, I'd be fired and/or
the list would be shut down.  Hey, it's bad enough that I didn't even
read the post before I approved it.  I've already been admonished for
that in the past.  It's mainly disappointing that I can't even trust my
own judgment any more.  If I had caught his remark in time, I would have
just bounced it, and he would have been more careful next time, I'm
sure, so I'm just going to put Mike "on probation" [I've done that
before for another transgressor].

This is a real pain when this type of thing happens.  Can we all just
follow the rules, please?  Here they are, for all you "adults" out there:



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I wonder if you would be kind enough to post the following message on
the list.

Dear Listers:

I write to apologise to any who may have been offended by the language
in my recent post. I sometimes let my tongue get the better of my

I am especially mortified by having put Jim in an invidious position.
He trusted me to post sane comments of scientific relevance, and was
caught unawares. The list he moderates is a US government-sponsored
list, not a private chat line. He was quite right to unsubscribe me,
and I support the decision.


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