[Coral-List] Should we have a photo journal for ecologists

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Hi Reuven Walder, 

Many thanks for your reply. I think the marinephotobank is wonderful,
absolutely. These kinds of initiatives are very much needed. (And I need
to get a sample portfolio sent to the photo bank soon). However, what I
am thinking about is not so much a photo bank (but a refereed journal
that publishes small notes like the Reef Site notes (in the journal
Coral Reefs), expanded Reef Site notes, and other photo dominated
papers. Most important is that all submissions should be subject to
peer-review, for the quality of the images of course, but also for the
attached scientific text. The photos must show something NEW, e.g. a new
behaviour of a fish on a reef, an observation documented by a colour
image of a rare coral in an unusual locality ect. Such a hypothetical
journal might very well be linked up with e.g. the marine photo bank as
well as the image collections of reef- and fish-base.

Cheers, Mike

On Thu, 19 Oct 2006 18:32:04 -0400 (EDT), "Reuven Walder"
<rwalder at seaweb.org> said:
> Hi Mike,
> In reference to a refereed photo journal, I suggest you visit the Marine
> Photobank (www.marinephotobank.org).  The Marine Photobank is a free
> visual resource that collect and provides photos, images and graphics
> that
> shed light on ocean research and conservation issues.
> We will gladly support any needs to gather and make imagery available. 
> Membership is free and images and readily accessible.  There are a host
> of
> existing galleries covering a range of worldwide subjects including:
> - Deep Sea Habitat
> - Marine Research and Education
> - Reefs in Peril/Coral Bleaching
> - Marine Pollution and Trash
> - Marine Reserves/Marine Protected Areas
> - Marine Ecological Processes
> - Then and Now Comparisons
> - Fishery Bycatch
> and
> - Coastal Development
> If this sounds like this it might fit your needs, I would be happy to
> help
> and you and other researchers upload and better share your image
> resources
> among your colleagues and others.  Members can easily upload their own
> images and provide the necessary backround information including a
> weblink
> to direct traffic to their research sites for further information.
> We can establish galleries for various biology groups or strategize on
> the
> best way to make the images available.
> That's a big part of our mission and we'd be happy to help.
> I am available to further discuss.
> Take care,
> Reuven
> Director
> Marine Photobank
> 8401 Colesville Rd
> Silver Spring, MD 20910
> (301) 495-9570
> rwalder at seaweb.org
> www.marinephotobank.org
> ................
> The Marine Photobank is a program of SeaWeb, a registered non-profit
> organization, and aims to advance ocean conservation by providing
> compelling, high-quality marine photos, images and graphics at no cost
> for
> non-commercial use as well as for media use. The Marine Photobank aims to
> literally shed light through photos on pressing marine issues and
> human-related impacts on the ocean ecosystem.
> Specifically, the Photobank:
> - Provides a unique and dynamic resource of ocean conservation related
> imagery for research, education, media and public outreach.
> - Inspires photographers to actively engage in marine conservation by
> taking photos that illustrate ocean impacts and sharing them with the
> public through the Marine Photobank.
> - Engages a powerful network of individuals and entities who can
> communicate, synergize and increase their visibility.
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> Subject: [Coral-List] Should we have a photo journal for ecologists,
> 	ethologists and other   biology groups?
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> Dear everybody,
> My colleague recently suggested to me that it might be a good idea to
> establish a refereed photo journal for ecologists, ethologists (and
> perhaps other biology fields). Cutting costs to all the potential colour
> images could be done by launching an entirely web-based journal.
> Having submitted yet another potential Reef Site note, and having a
> confirmation mail again emphasizing that Coral Reefs are drowning under
> an immense amount of Reef Site Note submissions, I and my colleague
> realize
> that there may be a need for such a photo journal?
> I am not sure if this is a good or or bad idea, but I believe
> it would be worthwhile debating. Please correct and inform me, if
> such a journal already exist: I am not aware of any.
> I wonder if Nikon, Canon and other similar companies would be
> interested in sponsoring such a journal?
> Cheers, Mike
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