[Coral-List] DNA extraction and DNA barcoding without zooxanthellae DNA

capman at augsburg.edu capman at augsburg.edu
Thu Jun 7 05:02:02 EDT 2007

One of my students is interested in trying to do DNA barcoding of 
zoanthids and possibly some other cnidarians.

We have been researching DNA extraction methods that avoid DNA from 
the zooxanthellae.  It is seeming that one approach that has been 
used is to extract DNA from pedal disk tissue.  However, with some 
species isolating tissue with no zooxanthellae is seeming to be 
easier said than done, and most of the cnidarian DNA extraction 
methods we have encountered have been somewhat vague in spots.

We would very much like to find someone experienced in these 
techniques who would be willing to discuss methodologies with us by 
phone or e-mail.

Also, it appears that the standard gene used for DNA barcoding of 
animals is not suitable for Cnidaria.  If any of you are successfully 
barcoding cnidarians, we would be very interested in talking to you 
as well.

If you are knowledgeable in these areas, or if you can suggest 
someone who is, we would very much like to hear from you,

Thank you,

Bill Capman
Augsburg College
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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