[Coral-List] crown of thorns (COTs)

Michele & Karl michka at fellenius.net
Sun Sep 2 23:08:05 EDT 2007

Coral listers,

I know of different methods that are used to deal with COTs. There is
currently an effort amongst dive operators in Port Vila, Vanuatu to get rid
of them off a few popular dive sites as there is much more lately than what
is 'usually' seen. The method of choice has been to spike and remove them
from the reef. However, other methods are being considered in order to speed
up the process.

My question is in regards to the method of 'squashing' the body (say with
the bottom of a wine bottle) without breaking any tentacles and leaving
them in place to be eaten on the reef. Until recently I understood this to
be a viable in situ disposal method. However, I now understand that the
'squashing' on the animal resulting in its inards being ejected might
actually lead to new animals growing from the ejected inards. Is there
any truth to this? If so, is there any other in situ method other than
injecting them that can be used?

Thanks for any info.


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Michele Dricot, Manager

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