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John McManus jmcmanus at rsmas.miami.edu
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I agree entirely with Billy Causey's assessment. I would add that in my
opinion, coral-list is the single most important advancement in coral reef
conservation and science to date. It is the thread that holds the coral reef
community together, and that makes it a community. 

I seriously doubt that we would see the rapid expansion of coral reef MPAs
and other conservation efforts, nor the amassing of knowledge about issues
such as coral bleaching, and coral disease without Coral List. 

Congratulations for the success to date, and I look forward to future
decades of the effort.



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Your vision, objectives, purpose ...and intent for the Coral List 
certainly seemed to have been achieved from the outside in my 
estimation.  I am sure you may have a slightly different viewpoint from 
the inside.  Regardless, you have to be proud of what you have 
accomplished.  The coral list has provided an excellent service for 
everything from alerts, announcements, debates, sharing observations, 
inquiries ..... and even pontificating.  Clearly, the internet and your 
support of the coral list has made communication about coral reefs 

I am sure some coral listers will recall how much effort it was to 
spread the word about die-offs (Diadema 1983), fish diseases, coral 
bleaching, coral diseases ... etc.  For example, it wasn't until many 
gathered for a coral bleaching workshop in St Croix in the Spring of 
1988 ...that we learned of a coral bleaching event on the Pacific side 
of Panama in 1982, or other perturbations around the region, or the 
globe for that matter.  Today .... because of your dedication ...news is 
shared around the world in milliseconds.

Jim ...congratulations and thank you for all that you do for coral reef 
conservation and your hard work on maintaining and monitoring the coral 
list.  Billy

Jim Hendee wrote:
>    Just  FYI,  on  this  date  in  1995,  Coral-List began with about 100
>    members.   Today, there are 4,729 members.  Thank you all your support
>    and contributions!
>        Cheers,
>        Jim
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