[Coral-List] Record setting cold in south Florida

Dale W Griffin dgriffin at usgs.gov
Fri Dec 10 16:27:24 EST 2010

Chris......I agree and offer a public health explanation for this emerging 

A new illness has manifested itself on the CL which I will term 
.....Shinnfluenza......the etiological agent (Gene's posts) only infects 
AGW+'s (there are obviously only two extant types, AGW+'s and 
AGW-'s)....this infection causes AGW+'s to pen heated rebuttals and 
prematurely press their email 'send' button

I think Billy Causey's recent post regarding the wisdom of hitting the 
'delete' versus the 'send' button was one that should be kept in mind

and to be CL compliant.....I hope the Keys corals fare better this winter 
than last

keep poking Gene..... 

"Everybody is ignorant, just on different subjects"
                                           Will Rogers

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