[Coral-List] Needed: site with uodated general and specific info on BP spill impact on Caribbean

DeeVon Quirolo dquirolo at gmail.com
Sat May 22 12:02:25 EDT 2010

While it may not fullfill your request completely, our site at
www.reefrelieffounders.com includes extensive educational materials,
grassroots strategies and information about coral reef ecosystems, along
with a current blog on offshore oil chronologically reporting the BP
Blowout, plus an online archive of 10,000 coral reef images, and two other
blogs on Recent Science and Reef News.  All free to the public.

Best, DeeVon Quirolo

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> Taking into consideration the magnitude of the BP spill and its projected
> spread through the Wder Caribbean area, it is time to build a site with all
> relevant general and specific information, i.e. all marine ecosystem, coral
> ecology, marine ecosystem based management and response agencies and press
> coverage in one place.
> The sites deepwaterhorizonresponse.com and the site of the National
> Response Center are good starting points, but do NOT address issues of
> national governments of the island states and coastal states in the
> Caribbean which depend on tourism and marine ecosystem services for their
> livelihoods.
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