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Date: Sat, 2 Dec 1995 00:50:32 -0500 
From: PUISHAN at 
Subject: Vacancies 

I am writing with a request for suitable personnel for the following two 
posts for UNDP: 
1)  A "Media Advisor" to work in Cambodia for 11 months for the 3 year ET= 
AP - 
Environmental Technical Assistance Programme".  His/Her main duty will be= 
assist the Government and NGOs to develop environmental education / publi= 
awareness promotional materials; mainly TV programmes, films, radio shows= 
performances, etc.  The person should have a degree & experience in relat= 
fields & preferably work experience in Asia.  UNOPS - Office of Project 
Services is trying very hard to find somebody to begin the job in January= 
=2E  = 

2)  A "Marine Expert" for a regional project for Vietnam, Cambodia, Thail= 
and Laos. The project had a major terrestrial component, the key objectiv= 
e of 
which is to promote regional cooperations in nature conservation; involvi= 
transboundary protected areas, regional dialogue/networking, cooperation = 
research, training, etc.  The Marine Expert will be given a short contrac= 
t of 
3 months to initiate dialogue among the countries and recommend possible 
cooperations.  Biodiversity hotspot areas will be identified through 
consultation with existing literature and national experts; except for 
Cambodia where marine studies are especially limited and hence will 
necessitate some field assessment.  The person should hold a M.Sc degree = 
higher) on marine sciences & be experienced in marine conservation, prote= 
areas, policies, and preferably with work experience in the project 
countries.  = 

I would be really grateful if you could spread the word around and assist= 
find potential candidates for the above two projects.  If you do find an 
interesting party, please give him/her my email address  puishan at = 
ask them to write directly to: 
Mr Roger Aertgeerts 
Senior Project Management Officer 
Fax: 1-212-906 6501 
Em:  roger.aertgeerts at 
Many thanks & regards, 
Catherine Cheung 

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