Panama bioerosion worshop

Mireille Peyrot peyrot at
Tue Jun 4 02:52:32 EDT 1996

Proposed format for the Workshop on Bioerosion being held during the 8th 
International Coral Reef Symposium 

1. Initial Welcome by the organisers, Drs Pat Hutchings and Mireille 
Peyrot-Clausade, and a brief explanation of the structure of the Workshop. 
Duration of Workshop- half day. 

2. All participants will then introduce themselves, and give a brief 
summary (max time 3 mins) of their current research studies on bioerosion, 
using an overhead with the following main points covered- (this is designed 
to save time and help the non native English speakers- it will also help in 
compiling a summary document on the board if everybody also bought a xerox 
of this overhead for the organisers). 

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