Coral Reefs, Global Change, ICRS8

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Coral Reefs, Global Change, and ICRS8 

On Thursday June 27 at the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium in Panama 
there will be a workshop session addressing the topic: 

Coral Reef Responses to Global Change:  The Role of Adaptation. 

This is intended to provide an opportunity for the larger scientific 
community to participate in and contribute to the activities of SCOR Working 
Group 104, which is addressing this topic. 

The workshop will consist of topical discussion sessions, initiated by BRIEF 
individual or panel presentations to set the stage for general input and 
discussion.  Details may be modified as the Symposium progresses, but the 
topical areas will include: 

1.  The fuzzy borderline between adaptation and acclimation:  reproduction, 
genetics, life histories and evolution -- and the ever-popular species 

2.  Community structure and function over time and space -- who matters, how 
obligate are their associations, how do they find each other, and what do 
they do when single? 

3.  Organism physiology and endosymbiosis as controls on acclimation -- the 
problem of locally determined tolerance levels and other untidy details. 

4.  Stress, synergism, and environmental preference -- nutrients, light, 
temperature, carbonate saturation state, and other subtly critical 
environmental variables. 

The exact schedules of discussion will be determined and posted or circulated 
at the meeting, in order to minimize conflicts with other workshops and to 
take advantage of the available expertise. 

All are welcome and reservations are not required, but anyone with extensive 
interests in or potential contributions to any of the topics is invited to 
contact me prior to the event: 

Robert W. Buddemeier 
email: Bob_Buddemeier at (through June 22) 
or at the Plaza Paitilla Inn in Panama durig the Symposium 

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