Belize Bleaching Update

Michael P. Lesser mpl at
Wed Jun 19 10:23:53 EDT 1996

Having just returned from Belize at Carrie Bow Cay I wanted to update the 
reports of widespread bleaching there in 1995 on the coral-list.  At this 
time temperatures have returned to their seasonal norms (27=B0C @ 15-20 m an= 
28-29=B0C at <1m) at mid-day.  Surveys of both the outer and inner reefs at 
Carrie Bow and adjacent areas suggest widespread recovery of corals.  An 
occasional sample of Agaricia lamarki (@15 m or greater) or Montastrea 
annularis (Morphotype I and II in 1-5 m) still appear to be recovering, or 
recently bleached, as suggested by their mottled coloration.  No widespread 
mortality of corals, that might be attributable to the 1995 bleaching 
event, was evident as well. 

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