Florida Keys Marine Research at Your Fingertips

Haskell, B. bhaskell at ocean.nos.noaa.gov
Wed Jun 19 15:51:23 EDT 1996

Florida Keys Marine Research at Your Fingertips 

After months of intense work compiling abstracts on the broad array of marine 
research projects conducted here in the Keys, the Florida Keys National Marine 
Sanctuary is now offering public access to a database of research papers and 
educational materials on local marine resources.  The database includes 
citations for peer reviewed journals, state and federal reports, and other 
reference materials.  

In an effort to provide a broad audience with an efficient means of obtaining 
information on marine resources, a growing number of documents, ranging from 
published scientific papers to educational videotapes, have been compiled and 
catalogued in a computer database.  These materials focus on the many 
different aspects of the biological and physical characteristics of the 
Florida Keys marine environment.  This database project was initiated by the 
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and The Nature Conservancy utilizing 
AmeriCorps and other volunteers to collect and enter information. 

Citations and summaries of over 1,000 documents are now easily accessible by 
Internet at URL: www.fknms.nos.noaa.gov.  Because these citations are 
computerized, a person can search all the documents for the particular subject 
of interest, read the summary, and identify where to find the complete 

This database of documents on Keys resources will continue to grow as new 
information is added.   Many of the educational and scientific institutions of 
the Florida Keys have expressed interest in participating, and it is the 
project's continuing goal to include as many of their collections as possible 
in the database.  I hope you find this a useful resource. 

Benjamin Haskell 
Science Coordinator 
bhaskell at ocean.nos.noaa.gov 

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