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Nissim Sharon nasoli at
Tue Jun 25 04:51:35 EDT 1996

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Miguel Repas wrote: 

> Could anyone please advise me on a field guide to the corals of the  
> Indian Ocean? 
Dear Miguel, 
I happened to be in Nissim's lab when your message arrived.  I am based  
at the Oceanograph8ic Research Institute in Durban, South Africa and have  
written the coral section for a field guide to marine life on the coast  
of East Africa.  This is being edited by Matt Richmond, presently at  
Bangor (I think), but soon to be back on Zanzibar at the marine lab of  
Dar university.  I will return to SA on July 8 and you can contact me at  
seaworld at to obtain his e-mail and other addresses. 

Kind regards,  Michael Schleyer  

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