Coral reef organisms & the aquarium trade

Mon Mar 4 21:05:45 EST 1996

I am undertaking research on the trade of coral reef organisms for  
aquariums as part of project to assist a Pacific island nation  
develop sustainable uses for its reefs.  The market for marine  
aquarium species is booming globally, and I am interested in  
determining if this market can be used to further the conservation of  
coral reefs rather than contribute to their demise. 

What information is available on the market (supply and demand) for  
coral reef organisms to be used in aquariums?  (International data  

Is sustainable harvest of reef organisms possible?  Have levels been  
How feasible Is mariculture to produce organisms for export? 
What are the implications (biological and financial) of the above  
approaches as compared to unregulated harvest? 

Any leads or information to assist me in my research would be  
appreciated.  Thank you. 

Jennifer Wheeler 
Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology program 
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 
wheeler at 

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