Reply to: Maria Milicich

John McManus J.MCMANUS at
Tue Nov 12 14:17:00 EST 1996

TO: Maria Milicich 
c/o Coral List 
FROM:Dr John W McManus, ReefBase Project Leader, ICLARM 
DATE:12 November 1996 

Dear Maria, 

Thank you for your inquiries to ReefBase and to myself.  We received all of  
them and replied to each within one working day, as is our usual policy.  
 Unfortunately, it appears that there is some problem with your receiving  
email, at least from CGNET, our service.  This may also explain your lack of  
response from WRI, although they use a different service. 

Fortunately, you included a mailing address.  The answer to your inquiries  
have been mailed, and we have sent you a copy of the ReefBase CD-ROM and  
User's Guide, even if payment has not been received. 


Dr John W McManus 
ReefBase Project Leader 
Aquatic Environments Program 
ICLARM, Makati City 

P.S.  For ALL CORAL-LIST READERS - please note that most inquiries regarding  
ReefBase should be addressed (as were some of Maria's) to :  
<reefbase at> .  Responses to email addressed to  
<j.mcmanus at> may be delayed while I am on duty travel.  Thank you. 

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