coral disease in the Philippines

Laurie Jeanne Raymundo ljr5 at
Thu Nov 14 17:06:09 EST 1996

To anybody out there:  I am currently transplanting fragments of Porites 
attenuata (a branching sp.) between two reefs in the central philippines. 
I seem to have come across a disease in some of my fragments (about 10%) in 
one site.  Symptoms are: initial white bleachy spots, about 4-5mm in 
diameter, followed (weeks to a month later, but not always) by nodules of 
about the same size which develop and grow outward from the area of the 
spots.  The fragments then take on a lumpy, misshapen appearance.  No 
mortalities so far.  I have also seen the spots on a massive porites.  I 
have no information on this at all and would appreciate any 
comments/suggested readings/ information that anyone could pass on. 


Laurie Raymundo 

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