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The following is a selection of IYOR linked-activities that are underway 
or being planned worldwide. The October update missed out a number of 
important ones.  Please also note change of e-mail address if you need 
IYOR information from the Coral Reef Alliance: IYOR1997 at aol.com   If 
your activities are not included, contact one of the organisers (see 


June 1996:  IYOR introduced at the 8th International Coral Reef 
Symposium in Panama; over 1400 participants, including many of the 
world's top coral reef scientists, signed the IYOR pledge of support.  A 
press event provided coverage for IYOR in Latin America and the 

1996: Several thousand IYOR leaflets are being or have been distributed 
worldwide, including 2000 at the 8th International Coral Reef Congress, 
Panama, 8000 through the UK-based Marine Conservation Society's 
mailing list, 1500 through Coral Cay Conservation's list of past volunteers, 
1400 through the Natural History Museum, London, and several hundred 
through the American Zoo and Aquarium Association and the IUCN 
Marine and Coastal Programme. 

1996: IYOR information packs distributed at World Conservation 
Congress, Montreal (see below), at through WWF network; plans for 
broader dissemination being made. 

1996: IYOR Web Page established: http://www.coral.org/IYOR/ 

1996: Educational poster map on *Coral Reefs and Mangroves of the 
World'produced by the World Conservation Monitoring Centre, in English 
and Spanish, and distributed worldwide.  Contact: Mark Spalding, WCMC, 
Fax (44) 1223-277136; e-mail: mark.spalding at wcmc.org.uk 

October 1996 - IUCN World Conservation Congress, Montreal - IYOR and 
ICRI evening event held to inform and encourage the involvement of 
NGOs around the world; press briefing on coral reefs and IYOR. The  
IUCN Marine and Coastal Programme web site  includes  ICRI and IYOR 
information and links which can be contacted either through: 
*	the IUCN Site at http://iucn.org looking for "Marine and Coastal 
Programme" under "Themes" 
*	the IUCN Marine and Coastal Programme Site directly at 

1996: ReefBase, a global database on coral reefs, made available on 
CD-ROM, with a comprehensive manual.  Contact: John McManus, 
ICLARM, fax (63) 2-816-3183; e-mail: J.MCMANUS at CGNET.COM   1996: 
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCMRN) launched.  Brochure and 
further information is available from: C.Wilkinson at pearl.aims.gov.au  

1997: a series of 52 coral reef story ideas will be syndicated through 
major international media channels, through a joint initiative of IUCN and 
the US Dept of Commerce's National Oceanic and Atmospheric 
Administration (NOAA).  The text for this Media Outreach Proposal can 
be found at the following URL: 
http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/bulls/52final.html   For more information and, if 
you would like to submit a story idea, please contact: Matt Stout, NOAA, 
Tel. (202) 482-6090; Fax (202) 482-3154; e-mail: mstout at rdc.noaa.gov 
or Paul Holthus, IUCN, Tel: (41) 22-9990251; Fax (41) 22-999-0025; 
e-mail: pfh at hq.iucn.org 

1997: Reef Check 97 -  a one day, rapid survey of basic coral reef health 
parameters by non-scientist diver groups at over 100 sites globally. The 
results will be presented via a live international satellite video link-up. 70 
groups have already agreed to participate.  Protocols are currently being 
tested in Hong Kong, the Solomons and other locations.  Further details 
available after 1 December 1996 from: Shaun Wadell, The Hong Kong 
Marine Conservation Society  Mail: PO Box 10165, Central, Hong Kong   
Fax: (852) 2548-9464  e-mail: HRDUBWD at HKUCC.HKU.HK  

1997: Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), an 18 member forum 
on trade  and cooperation, will be  holding a technical workshop on the 
'upstream' causes of reef destruction in the fisheries sector and potential 
solutions, at the Eighth APEC Fisheries Working Group meeting (Mazatlan, 
Mexico) and a four-day workshop on the 'downstream' impacts of reef 
destructive fishing in Hong Kong (October ). 


February 1997: launch of the *1997 Pacific Year of the Coral Reef' 
(PYOCR), as part of the ICRI Pacific Regional Strategy, in conjunction 
with IYOR, and with the assistance of  the South Pacific Regional 
Environmental Programme.  17 countries are participating and more are 
expected to join.  The PYOR slogan is *Coral Reefs: Their Health, Our 
Future* and a competition is being held to design the logo.  Further 
information from Lucille Overhoff or Iosefatu Reti, SPREP, Apia, Western 
Samoa, Fax 685-20231. E-mail: lucille at pactok.peg.apc.org 

1997: The 8th Pacific Science Association's Intercongress in Fiji will 
feature a report and review of assessment work and surveys carried 
out in the Pacific under the auspices of IYOR.  Contact: Dr Charles 
Birkeland, UOG Marine Laboratory, Guam.  E-mail: 
birkelan at uog9.uog.edu 


August 15-30 1996: *Save the Reef' internet art auction, with works of 
art donated by prominent Australian artists, organised by Sydney 
University to raise money for the Coral Reef Research Institute, and its 
research on the Great Barrier Reef. 
  1997: programmes expected to be developed through the Great Barrier 
Reef Aquarium and Australian Marine Conservation Society 

Further information on IYOR activities in Australia from: Will Jones, Coral 
Reef Research Institute, University of Sydney.  Tel: (61) 2 9351 5636; 
Fax (61) 2 9351 4119; e-mail: esi at bio.syd.edu.au 

	Western Indian Ocean 

1997: research and conservation programme to be established through 
the Coral Reef Conservation Project of the Wildlife Conservation Society, 
based out of Mombasa, with funding from the Pew Charitable Trust.  A 
workshop to develop the programme will be held in February 1977.  
Contact: Tim McClanahan, Coral Reef Conservation Project, WCS, 
Mombasa, Kenya  Fax (254) 11 472215.  

	South-east Asia 


September 1996: First IYOR Philippines organizational meeting organised 
by ICLARM; attended by 34 representatives from academia, government, 
NGOs and the private sector.  An interim coordinating council was 
established, composed of representatives from the Haribon Foundation, 
NAUI Philippines, UP Marine Science Institute, the Philippine Council for 
Aquatic and Marine Resources Development (PCMARD), and the 
Philippine Sports and SCUBA Diving Association.  For further information 
contact: ICLARM, e-mail: ICLARM at CGNET.COM or Dir. Cesario R. 
Pagdilao, PCMARD, Los Banos, Laguna,  Philippines.  FAX: 094-536-1582 

November 1996: resurvey of reefs previously impacted by sediment at El 
Nido/Bacuit Bay. Contact: Gregor Hodgson, Hong Kong University of 
Science and Technology, Fax: e-mail: rcgregor at usthk.ust.hk 

Hong Kong 

October 1996: IYOR to be promoted at First International Marine 
Conservation Symposium.  

1997: Reef Check 97 event being organised 

For information on activities in Hong Kong, contact: Gregor Hodgson, 
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Fax: (852) 2358-1582; 
e-mail: rcgregor at usthk.ust.hk or Shaun Wadell, The Hong Kong Marine 
Conservation Society  Fax: (852) 2548-9464  e-mail: 


IYOR Steering Committee has been established, chaired by Department 
of Fisheries and with NGO participation; WWF Malaysia head a Task 
Force on Education.  Further information from: Lim Li Ching, WWF 
Malaysia. E-mail: wwfmal at pop.jaring.my Fax: (603) 7035157 


September 1996: IYOR information distributed at American Zoo and 
Aquarium Association (AZA) Annual Congress, Waikiki Aquarium, 
Honolulu, Hawaii, with preview of Coral Reef Photography Exhibition. 

November 1996: Press Club - *Coral Reef Media Forum' background 
briefing for science writers and correspondents on major US 
newspapers, magazines and television stations, sponsored by NOAA 
and Baltimore Aquarium, and with CORAL, TNC and WWF-US.  Further 
information from National Aquarium in Baltimore.  Tel.  410-659-4248; Fax 

December 1996:  "Nuestros Arrecifes/Unidos por el Caribe; Our 
Reefs/Caribbean Connections",   the Smithsonian Tropical Research 
Institute's bilingual  traveling exhibit (see Panama below) is expected to 
open for three months at the Miami International Airport. 

1996: IYOR Educational Resource List prepared by Coral Forest.  For 
information, contact: coral at igc.apc.org or fax 415-398-0385 

1996/97: Ongoing activities at National Aquarium, Baltimore.  Contact: 
Chris Andrews, Fax: (410) 576 1080; e-mail: candrews at clark.net 

199671997: Center for Ecosystem Survival, San Fransico.  
*Adopt-a-Reef' programme, started 1995, will be holding fundraising 
drives at schools, aquariums, zoos etc throughout IYOR.  Contact 
Norman Gershenz: Tel 415-338-3393; e-mail: gershenz at sfsu.edu 

January-March 1997: IYOR inaugurations in Miami and San Francisco 

January 1997: IYOR booth/event at DEMA dive show, Orlando, Florida 

1997: PBS half hour episode on coral reefs in the series *The 
Visionaries'; will show work underway in Palau and through CORAL. 

1997 IYOR Calendar produced by CORAL (Coral Reef Alliance) 

1997: Events organised through public aquariums will include: 
*	Poster contest for children, sponsored by AZA, Waikiki Aquarium 
and others, 
*	Munson Foundation award to be given for best coral reef 
conservation displays at public aquaria; 
*	public service announcement, organised through AZA, on coral 
reefs for kids featuring TV stars *The Kratz Brothers'. 
*	joint program on marine conservation 
1997: travelling coral reef photography exhibition will visit zoos and 
aquariums, organized by CORAL. 

June 1997: Clean Oceans 97 conference in Hawaii on Oceans Day will 
focus on reefs in order to promote IYOR, with Bobby Kennedy Jr. as 
keynote speaker.  Further information from: Carl Stepath, Fax (808) 
826-7770; e-mail: sos at ALOHA.NET 

Further information on US activities from Stephen Colwell (address 


United Kingdom 

21 September- 17 November 1996: Natural History Museum/Coral Cay 
Conservation photographic exhibition Coral Reefs, Threats and 
Conservation, with children's 2-day educational weekend at the museum 
with presentations, film shows and educational activities 

1996: IYOR T-shirt produced by Seven-Tenths dive wear company, with 
proportion of sales to go to reef conservation projects.   

1996-97:  Marine Conservation Society is producing a series of leaflets 
and educational materials specifically for IYOR 

January 1997: national launch of IYOR at London Zoo, in conjunction 
with Sea Life Centres, with David Bellamy (British conservationist and 
TV personality).  Simultaneous events at other locations. 

January 1997: IYOR publicity at *Destinations *97' (the UK's biggest travel 
show), with David Bellamy, to encourage the travel industry to support 

1997: Coral Reef Award: a special award for a coral reef project in the 
BP Conservation Programme, run by Royal Geographical Society /Birdlife 
International/Fauna and Flora International.  Information from: Expeditions 
Officer, Birdlife International, Wellbrook Court, Girton Rd, Cambridge CB3 
ONA, UK.  Tel. 44-1223-277318; Fax: 44-1223-277200. 

1997: the British Society of Underwater Photographers will stage a 
special competion for a 
portfolio of six slides devoted to a theme relevant to IYOR and coral 

1997: The BBC will be preparing a programme on coral reefs a part of its 
forthcoming *Oceans' series 

1997: production of reef survey method handbook for volunteer 
programmes.  For further information, contact: Nick Dulvy, University of 
East Anglia, e-mail: N.DULVY at UEA.AC.UK 

Further information on UK activities from UK Organising Committee; 
contact Vanesssa Guest (e-mail: 101341.16 at compuserve.com) and Liz 
Wood, Marine Conservation Society, Hollybush, Chequers Lane, 
Eversley, Hook, Hants RG27 ONY.  Tel. (44) 1734-734127; Fax: (44) 
1734-731832; e-mail: ewood at globalnet.co.uk 


October 1996: IYOR initiative launched at German Science Foundation 
(DFG) meeting on *Global and Regional Controls on Biogenic Information', 
Goettingen and a German IYOR Committee has been formed with the 
support of the Universities of Stuttgart, Goettingen, Essen, and Erlangen,  
GEOMAR, and the Senckenberg Museum.   Other organisations 
supporting IYOR include the Zoological Gardens, WITUS (Scientific Diving 
Group of Univ. Stuttgart), PADI Europe, Baltic Dive Center, and other dive 
organisations, schools etc. 

January 1997: launch of IYOR in Germany at the *BOOT' diving exhibition 
with public lecture  by Hans Hass. 

1997: reef exhibition, based on work of DFG, at Senckenberg Museum; 
subsequently to tour other museums and exhibitions halls 

Spring 1997: courses on reefs at selected high schools in northern 
Germany; similar activities at other schools in preparation. 

A German Web page has been set up 

Further information on activities in Germany from:  

Moshira Hassan, GEOMAR Research Center for Marine Geosciences, 
Kiel  Fax: (49) 431-6002941; e-mail: mhassan at geomar.de 

Reinhold Leinfelder, University of Stuttgart, Fax (49) 711-1211341; tel. 
(49) 711-1211340; e-mail: reinhold.leinfelder at po.uni-stuttgart.de 

Felix Gunkel, Univeristy of Gottingen,  e-mail: fgunkel at gwdg.de  

	Caribbean and Latin America 


1996: assessment of the Andros Barrier Reef and re-survey of reefs 
studied in 1960s at Abaco Island. 

1997: One day *Reef Check 97' event, to participate in global event (see 
above).  Contact: Bill Alevizon e-mail:alevizon at IGC.APC.ORG 


1996: IYOR committee being established through INVEMAR and Museo 
del Mar; plans to produce poster, stickers, colouring book and atlas of 
reefs of Colombia.  Further information from: Juan M. Diaz, INVEMAR, 
Fax: (57) 54-211377: e-mail: jmdiaz at santamarta.cetcol.net.co 


1996: Plans for IYOR Committee to be established through CINVESTAV 


June 1996: "Nuestros Arrecifes/Unidos por el Caribe; Our 
Reefs/Caribbean Connections",   the Smithsonian Tropical Research 
Institute's bilingual (Spanish/English) traveling exhibit, with its focus on 
attempts to preserve or restore regional marine ecosystems, opened in 
Panama City at the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium. 

August-November 1996:  "Caribbean Connections" is relocated to the 
Centro de Exhibiciones Marinas, Punta Culebra, and is open to the public. 

April 1997:  The  "Caribbean Connections" exhibit is expected to initiate 
its travels throughout Central America  and the Caribbean. 

If you need further information on the events listed above, 
please contact the organisers directly where details have been 
provided.  Further general information on IYOR is available from: 

Stephen Colwell, Co-chair, IYOR Public Awareness and Conservation 
Committee, c/o Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL), 809 Delaware St, Berkeley, 
CA 94710, USA. Fax 510-528-9317; Tel: 510-528-2492; e-mail: 
IYOR1997 at aol.com 

Robert Ginsburg, Chair, IYOR Organising Committee, University of 
Miami/RSMAS, 4600 Rickenbacker Cswy., Miami, FL 33149, USA.  Fax 
305-361-4094; Tel. 305-361-4875. E-mail: rginsburg at rsmas.miami.edu 

Sue Wells, Co-Chair, IYOR Public Awareness and Conservation 
Committee, WWF-International, Ave du Mont Blanc, 1196 Gland, 
Switzerland.  Fax: (41) 22-364-5829; Tel: (41) 22-364-9545; e-mail: 
swells at wwfnet.org 

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