16th International Seaweed Symposium

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Marine Biology Section 
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Preliminary Announcement 

	The 16th INTERNATIONAL SEAWEED SYMPOSIUM will be held in Cebu 
City, Philippines, on April 12 - 17, 1998.  The 16th ISS is 
hosted by the University of the Philippines, University of San 
Carlos, and the Seaweed Industry Association of the Philippines. 
Full paper and poster presentations are invited on all aspects 
of seaweed research and utilization, including, but not limited 
to: applications, molecular biology, chemical ecology, community 
ecology, taxonomy, chemistry, physiology, resource management, 
biogeography, pollution, diseases, microalgae, aquaculture.  
Those wishing to organize special sessions or topics, please 
contact immediately the organizers. 

	Cebu is the Philippines' oldest city, and is located in the 
middle of the archipelago.  International direct flights from 
major cities in the world are served: Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, 
Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  There are daily air links 
with many Philippine cities and several daily flights from 
Manila (1 hour).  Ship travel by overnight ferries or by 
fast-speed catamarans (2 - 4 hours) to several cities are 
available.  Cebu is a major tourist destination for scuba diving 
and island travel.  A range of accommodations are available.  
Eucheuma culture farms are within reach by boat in less than a 
day.  The 3rd International Seagrass Biology Workshop will 
follow right after the 16th ISS, in 19 - 24 April 1998, in 

	For further information, please contact: 

		Dr. Gavino Trono, Jr. 

		Marine Science Institute 

		University of the Philippines 

		1101 Diliman, Q.C., Philippines 

		fax. (+63-2) 921-5967; 922-3958	email: trono at msi.upd.edu.ph 

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