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In response to Don Baker's concern about rejects from human activity on a 
resort close to the reef, I am not a specialist in that area but I can 
only give you some direction and example of my own experience.  In the 
late 80's (88-89) a floating resort had been anchored on the reef barrier 
some 70 miles from Townsville, Queensland - Australia. The experiment went 
well as far as the reef was concerned. It was a commercial failure due to 
several reasons, amongst which the cost of 2 cyclone damages 2 years on 
the raw.  I believe that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority 
(Townsville) was monitoring very closely that experiment from the reef 
environment stand point. I would encourage you to contact them at GBRMPA, 
PO Box755, Tonwsville - QLD, Australia (I hope the address is still 

Pascal Collotte 
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Dear CoralList Members, 

With the increase of tourist resort development throughout the tropical 
world - even though these resorts may stress being "eco-friendly" - there 
is a problem with a simple fact of human existence near a reef; flushing 

Certainly a few people may be acceptable but add a resort with 80 rooms 
situated on a reef platform without a suitable "graywater" distribution 
and collection system - and having 80% annual occupancy....... 

In ref. [Walker and Ormond 1982]; eutrophication because of wastewater 
affection....can anyone else on this list present their brief comments on 
this subject?  Perhaps give some examples of how a resort has "wasted" a 
nearby reef with this graywater or outright direct discharge?  Any "best 
fit" systems?  Companies that specialize in this type of waste system 

Please EMail me direct rather than on this ListServe as long comments may 
not be of interest to other members. 

Many thanks, 

Don Baker 
suniwan at 

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