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A dramatic and mindful piece of narrative. It may be appropriate to note 
however that Tonga has reduced its aquarium trade suppliers to one (Walt 
Smith), and the only reason he is allowed to operate is because his few 
collecters use non-destructive stick and net methods catching 
non-juveniles. Smith's holding facilities and transport methods are also 
the most sophisticated I have seen in this trade when I visited in 1995. 
They are regularly checked and regulated by Australian/New Zealand 
conservation officers on behalf of the local governement.  Dynamiting is 
also thing of the past in this Kingdom. I cannot speak for any other 
areas. For verification or further information contact; 

Fisheries Department, 
Royal Government Offices, 
Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga, 


Walt Smith, 
PO Box 1949, 
Nuku 'alofa 
Kingdom of Tonga, 

(Tel. 676 22404) 
(Fax. 676 23143) 

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