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Wed Apr 8 11:18:03 EDT 1998

Dear Coral-Listers,

	I received the following message, which some of you may be able to
answer by responding directly to Sandra (sandra.sykes at  The
message concerns the effects of El Nino on coral reefs.  I have already
given her some input, as regards who to contact in NOAA, but defer to your
decision as to whether or not you want to contact her.

	Please respond directly to Sandra at sandra.sykes at, not
to coral at

	Jim Hendee

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Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 14:11:57 +0000
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Subject: BBC Natural History Unit RADIO

Dear Jim Hendee,

I have been given your name by Alastair Harborne of the Coral Cay

I hope you don't mind me contacting you like this but we are currently
 working on a radio special about  the effects of  EL NINO on wildlife
 to go on air in the sumer.

Our presenter, Julian Pettifer has travelled to Peru, Panama ( end of
 1997) and Zimbabwe (February 1998) and has brought back first hand
 reports from these areas.

I am wondering if you have  up to date information about the effects
 of El Nino on coral reef health -  and in particular who in various
 parts of the world would be best to contact.

I have looked at several of your web pages but it is not obvious who
 are the key people to get in touch with.

In addition to effects on coral we are also  keen to get up to date
 information from around the globe about the effects of El Nino on
 wildlife generally. .  We are keen to know about specefic animals,
 either land or marine that have been affected and to speak to someone
 who could give us up to date and accurate information as to what has
 happened to numbers this year and what they're predicting for next.
eg The National Marine Mammal Laboratory are certainly doing work on
 effects of El Nino on fur seals and sea lions
However I wondered if you knew of other key centres of study and do you
 any suggestions of who to contact?

I am sorry to add more to your  busy schedule, but I would very much
 appreciate your thoughts and very much  look forward to hearing from you.

It may be I should be  contacting a press officer for  the infromation
 that is not related to coral reefs. If so who is that person?

With every good wish,

Sandra Sykes

BBC NaturalHistory Unit Radio
Broadcasting House,
Bristol, England, UK

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e-mail : sandra.sykes @ bbc

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