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Thu Dec 10 19:19:53 EST 1998


I wish to update the coral bleaching report with new observations since October.

Thanks to those who contributed to the bleaching report.  This was published
in: Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 1998 distributed free at the
International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Managemnet Symposium (following
financial contributions from Swedish Sida, World Bank, CORAL,
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, University of Rhode Island and
EPHE and Naturalia Foundation of France).  You can examine the bleaching
report on the AIMS home page (and possibly
under GCRMN on the CHAMP home page).  If you cannot get it, e-mail me and I
will attach it.

Many early reports were of very severe bleaching, however, these later
became less severe as some corals recovered.  Also I received new
information of extensive bleaching in Palau and Manado Indonesia in
November. We should continually update it.  Next one will be in a few weeks.

Please provide me with the latest information on areas you reported on
earlier or on new observations.

The new report will be put on AIMS and CHAMP home pages and we invite you to
use them to push the agenda for coral reef conservation.

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