Many Thanks for All the Replies

DBaker dbaker at
Wed Feb 25 05:17:32 EST 1998

Hello Coral-L'ers,

Just a Warm "Many Thanks" for all your replies with regards to the
Anti-Fouling Paint issue.  

Just a side note........  I have been wondering Why my giant clam
induced spawning efforts show Very Little egg spawn and Much sperm
spawn...?   Efforts in the Marshall Is. showed an equal share of both
with Tridacn maxima & T. giags & T. squamosa.  Of course Wau Is. in Mili
Atoll poses as a Most pristine setting.  My facility in Sabah is
situated on Gaya Is. off the city of Kota Kinabalu and near the main
harbor/port.....  Interesting if we could use giant clam seed shell in
tox-studies for coral reef eco-management - for such paints?

Many thanks to all.
Don Baker

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