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Coastal Zone 99 (CZ99) Conference, July 24-30, 1999, San Diego,

The "call for papers" for "CZ99: The People, The Coast, the Ocean:
Vision2020" is just off the press.  Interested parties can access the
website for paper directions at  Abstracts are due
August 1, 1998.

Conference themes are the human dimension, the ocean realm, the
watershed perspective, and the public connection.

If you cannot access www, contact Chantal Lefebre-to request a
Call-for-Papers at cz99 at, or via fax 617/287-5575.

Additionally, if you have a coastal or ocean related website that can
be linked to the CZ99 site, we would like to make links.

For reverse WWW links please email Chantal Lefebre, CZ99 Conference
Coordinator, atcz99 at

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