Artificial reef

James Wiseman james at
Tue Aug 3 13:24:40 EDT 1999

Hi Olivier,

If you have some free time, try browsing the LA Rigs-to-Reefs Program home
page at:

Maybe you can find some references or people to talk to there.

My company managed the first donation to the program in 1987.

James Wiseman 
Houston TX

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Subject: Artificial reef

Dear all,
Our society has created 14 artificial reefs using old vessels.
We would like to implement an ecological sudy/monitoring.
Has any similar scientific study been done elsewere on the same subject ?
If yes please contact us or send us the reference of papers.
Any recent reference on all scientific papers dealing with artificial reef
made of old ships will be usefull.

Olivier Tyack
president Mauritius Marine Conservation Society

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