Pdipal dipal at ibw.com.ni
Wed Aug 4 23:15:09 EDT 1999

I was wondering whether anybody knows if the heads of lobsters thrown into
a confined body of water (diameter 100m) would drive away other lobsters. 

There is a proposal to set up a small collection point for lobster on one
of the Pearl Keys (on two others there already is one). This would mean
that they would throw away the lobster heads and save the tail on ice. This
Key has a large bay with two openings, inside the bay the maximum depth is
2 meter with not too much current going through it. Some fisherman are now
afraid that all these heads will scare away the remaining lobsters when
they throw them inside the bay (on the otherside of the island there is
quite a steep drop off until 20 meters so there won't be any effect).

Could anybody help me with this question?

Mariska Weijerman

Pearl Lagoon
tel/fax: + 505 82 21 777

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