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Tue Aug 3 21:51:08 EDT 1999

Dear Colleagues,

As mine is a somewhat unconventional CV unlikely to closely match most
standard faculty positions, I am using the Internet to explore the
opportunities for part-time and/or full-time appointments in a marine
science department preferably in the northeastern or northwestern United
States.  In short, I am a marine naturalist with a M.S. in invertebrate
zoology, educator, nature writer, and a professional nature photographer.
My passions include teaching any aspect of natural history, biology,
environmental science, writing about and photographing the natural world,
and music (piano, folk).  My skills range from shipboard operations (learned
during a brief stint as a first mate on a fishing boat in the Florida Keys),
to SCUBA, audiovisual production, and environmental interpretation.  I lead
natural history and photography workshops to national and international
destinations.  My essays have been published in literary reviews and my
photographic work has been featured in and on the cover of Natural History

I have much to offer a marine science department that engages students in a
wide range of interactions with the environment, as scholars, educators,
writers, or artists.  Additionally, my practical skills, I am sure, would
prove useful to a department actively engaged in marine research.

For the past ten years, I have taught as an adjunct professor in the biology
and environmental science department at Johnson State College in northern
Vermont.  Recently, I have begun work on several book projects, including an
environmental interpretation textbook and an illustrated natural history of
the marine intertidal.  Though I am only 6.5 hours from the Maine coast, I
yearn to immerse myself in a marine setting.

If you have any insights regarding possible opportunities that would enable
me to continue my educational and interpretive work within a marine science
department, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.  For more
information about my background, my publications, and me, please visit my
home page at the URL given below.

With gratitude and respect,
Gustav W. Verderber
Education  *  Natural History & Photo Workshops  *  Photography  *  Writing
See "FRAMING NATURE" in the summer/fall, 1999 issue of VERMONT MAGAZINE
1999-2000 Workshops: Acadia National Park/Galapagos Islands/Florida Keys
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