SELAMAT TAHUN BARU / HAPPY NEW YEAR 2000 from Galillee College - Israel

Vered Echet vechet at
Sun Dec 26 06:39:49 EST 1999

Dear friend,

Galillee College, the leading higher education institute in Israel in
training senior managers from Developing Countries, would like to
wish you a Happy New Year and to bring your attention to our
up coming program on Environmental Management (February 13 - March 2).

Based on our new scholarship policy towards developing countries, Galillee
College will be able to grant a full tuition scholarship to a qualified
candidate who is a citizen of Indonesia.

This course is designed to fulfill the special requirements of senior
officers and administrators employed in work consistent with the topic of
the above course.

All applicants must have a University degree and be fluent in English.
Once the candidate is admitted, he or she (or your office) will have to
cover only the airfare to and from Israel and the living expenses while
the participant is in Israel.

Should you wish to recommend a candidate or candidates please ask them to
fax the complete registration form as well as their c.v. to our
International Department. As soon as our Admission Committee reviews and
approves the application, a full tuition scholarship will be granted.

Please visit our web site at: <> where you will
be able to find general information about Galillee College, review the
detailed study program and register.

I look forward to cooperating with you and your organization.  If you need
any additional information, please do not hesitate contacting us at any

Sincerely yours,

Vered E. Ben-Zvi
Director Far East Division
Galillee College
P.O. Box: 1070
Tivon 36000 Israel
Tel: +972-4-9837-444
Fax: +972-4-9830-227

Environmental Management
February 13 - March 2, 2000
September 6 - 25

Mr. [ ] Ms. [ ] Dr. [ ]
Name: Surname:________________________
Date & Place of Birth:____________________
Passport No: Date of Expiration:_______________________
Mailing Address:_______________________
Telephone: ________________FAX:___________________
Employer's Name & Address:_______________________
Present Position:__________________________
Main job responsibilities:____________________________
Education: _________________years completed Degree:________________
Knowledge of English:  Spoken    Written
* Excellent                 _____     _______
* Good                     _____     ________
Computer Literacy:  Proficient   Need Help   Never Used
* Windows           ________    ________    _________
* Project              ________    ________    _________
* Excel                ________    ________    _________
* Other ___________
How did you learn of this programme:
Request to apply for TUITION SCHOLARSHIP: Yes [ ] No [ ]
Person or organisation responsible for payment of Local Expenses Fees:

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