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Dear Coral-listers,

Although many reputable and honorable people are listed as the organizers and 
sponsors of this conference, and I do not have any first hand information 
about the conference, I became a little uncomfortable when I contacted two of 
the speakers listed in the proposed program schedule on the website and 
neither of them -- to their knowledge -- had even been contacted by the 
conference organizers and they certainly had not agreed to participate as 
speakers.  Perhaps this was just an oversight by the person creating the 
website, but I believe the conference organizers should clarify who has 
agreed to participate in the Conference as a speaker before listing them on 
the proposed program.

The topic of Marine Tourism and Coral Reef Conservation is a very important 
one that needs a great deal of discussion and action, and a conference like 
this could play a very important role, but we need to avoid needless 
misunderstandings and disappointment by promising more than may be delivered.

It would be very useful if the conference organizers could confirm by email 
the speakers who have definitely agreed to participate and specify in their 
website who is confirmed and who is not.  

Stephen Colwell
Executive Director
CORAL - The Coral Reef Alliance

"Working together to keep coral reefs alive"
Address: 64 Shattuck Square, Suite 220
Berkeley, CA 94704

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