MPAs -Conventional Wisdom?

kathryn pederson kayamoo at
Thu Dec 14 19:49:18 EST 2000

Dear Coralisters,

Does anyone have any case studies (references) relating CONVENTIONAL WISDOM 
of COMMUNITY MANAGED MPAs (what does or doesn't work in terms of effective 
conservation and long-term community participation) ?

I am compiling  a "list" of "lessons learned", in common through case 

Especially, I am looking for any cases from Samoa and the South Pacific.

Does anyone know the e-mail for : Mike King (AusAID) , Fisheries Division in 
Apia, Western SAmoa,  ?????

You may answer directly to:   kayamoo at
Thank you.

Kaya Pederson
Monterey Institute of International Studies
Graduate Policy School
International Environmental Policy
Monterey, CA 93940  USA
tel. 831-333-0887

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